Fantail Coin Purse Red

Fantail Coin Purse Red

Melina Martin

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A lovely little cotton coin purse depicting a cute Fantail print from an original drawing by Melina Martin.

The back of the purse is plain red fabric.


The size is approx 15.5cm x 12cm.

Often using up-cycled fabric.


"Fashion, Art and Craft have always been my passions. After working in the fashion industry for a few years I decided I had to break out and do my own thing. I wanted my designs to look as if they came from NZ and nowhere else, to reflect and celebrate Aotearoa. I do all my illustrations from scratch, with pencil on paper and then fill in with ink. My drawings take from 10 -20 hours, depending on the size. I draw directly from life when I can, for example the Pohutukawa (New Zealand's Christmas tree) and use photographs as guides when my subjects won't stay still! (for example the fantail). I then transfer my images onto a silk screen and print all my tea towels by hand, using mostly water- based textile ink, The tea-towels are 100% cotton and hand screen-printed by me."